Herbs for Hair Health – Horsetail

Horsetail, or Equisetum arvense, forms tall stems with fern-like leaves resembling a bottle brush. It is a  common weed in many parts of North America and grows in both wooded areas and meadows.

Horsetail contains nutrients that may help hair grow faster and regain strength if it is weak or brittle. Horsetail is rich in both silica and silicic acids. Silica, a crystalline substance, gives horsetail a rough texture that once made it popular for use in scouring dishes. The plant contains significant levels of the minerals potassium, manganese and selenium. Active compounds known as saponins and flavonoids are also abundant in horsetail.

Silica; the main hair-supportive compound in this herb helps form the collagen in skin and bones, also helps to strengthen hair. It also keeps hair looking smooth and shiny. The potassium (deficiency in this mineral has been known to result in hair loss), manganese (a contributor to the development and maintenance of hair) and selenium (which helps keep cells in the hair follicle from getting damaged) may also encourage hair growth.

Horsetail can be taken orally as a tea, tincture or capsule. Alternatively, topical applications of horsetail as a hair rinse or as an ingredient in hair care products. It is believed that it may help promote hair strength, growth and is a beneficial treatment for hair loss, dandruff and split ends.

The strengthening properties of horsetail may be particularly beneficial to type 4 hair which has fewer cuticle layers than any other hair types, making type 4 hair more susceptible to damage from manipulation, as it has less natural protection than other hair types.

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